7 Coolest Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

7 Coolest Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

From lowriders to tractors, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a ton of vehicles to choose from. Here are some of the coolest:

1. AT-400

If you’ve ever dreamed of controlling a jetliner, then the AT-400 is for you! As one of the first controllable airplanes in the Grand Theft Auto series, it can be found in the southeast hanger of Las Venturas Airport. It’s also the largest vehicle available in the game.

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - AT-400

2. The Predator

Although officially used as a police boat and appearing in all Grand Theft Auto games since GTA: III, the Predator can be hijacked and used to destroy other boats and property. Reaching impressive speeds, the Predator is a must ride for anyone wanting the full Grand Theft Auto experience.

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - Predator

3. HPV-1000

The HPV-1000 is the motorcycle used by the San Andreas Highway Patrol and features a sub-machine gun that can attack other vehicles, but the HPV-1000 is also lightning fast. The problem, however, is getting one. Not only do they zip around, but they also come complete with armed law enforcement that will fight hard to keep you from obtaining the bike.

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - HPV1000

4. The Mothership

Much like the Camper, the Mothership is a tricked-out hippie van that features psychedelic paint. When you get behind the wheel, you can probably smell the remnants of the 1960s as you cruise through traffic in style. While the Mothership van only appears during three actual missions, you can steal it during the “Black Project” mission.

GTA - San Andreas - Mothership

5. The Windsor

If you’re looking for class, then you’re looking for the Windsor. This car is the epitome of elegance and style, closely resembling a Jaguar from the 1960s. In addition to being a two-door convertible, the Windsor also shares attributes with the real-life Corvette, both in design and speed.

GTA - San Andreas - Windsor

6. Combine Harvester

Once again, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas provides a unique driving experience in the combine harvester. This vehicle is typically used to harvest wheat and other crops, but in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it can also be used to wreak havoc. You can find the Combine Harvester at nearby farm locations and during various farm-related missions.

GTA San Andreas - Combine Harvester

7. The Voodoo

The Voodoo is based off of the 1960 Chevrolet Impala and is one of the most stylish vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Used mostly by Haitians in the game, you can equip yourself with one of these rides in various locations, including in front of the Grove Street Families territories. But be careful … they aren’t always easy to take without a fight.

GTA - San Andreas - Voodoo

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